Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So if everything is normal, then...

My supporters, I apologize for not posting anything in almost a year. But here it goes.

I went to the doctors office the other day to get a regular physical and all the works (i.e. blood work).  As the nurse it taking my blood pressure, then my weight, and finally my blood, I begin to think "there has to be something wrong with me because I don't feel well most of the time".  My blood pressure was completely normal.  My weight, well let's just say I can lose about 20 pounds. I speak with my doctor and tell her all my ailments.  She sends me antibiotics for my ear because it's a bit inflamed.  She sends me a medicated cream for my back because it hurts. She sends me medication to stop my dizziness.

Ok, a week passes by and I get my blood results.  I think "ok, I'm ready for the bad news."  Turns out, I'm as healthy as can be! I smile with confusion.  How can this be? I don't feel well! Let me see those results! Nothing was out of range!

So if everything is normal, then why do I feel like such a mess?

Just curious

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