Thursday, March 8, 2012

One's Time

Lately there has been a lot on my plate.  I work, I'm doing my 2nd Masters degree (insane, I know!), and trying to keep everything else afloat.  As the time passes by, I see my savings diminishing at a pace that I definitely wish were slower.  I know that I must either obtain another job, or at least get myself another.  My fear is that if I do switch jobs now, I will have to leave it soon.  Here's the story.  I took a test for a city job and passed with an excellent grade.  I can be called at any moment.  If I find another job, but am called for the city job I originally applied for, that will not look good on my record.  However, I do know that I must do what is best for me.  Hence, why I'm back in school.  And while I know that there are many individuals just struggling to get an associates or bachelors degree, I am here complaining about this second masters.  Let's just say my bachelors and 1st masters degree did nothing for me.  Here I'm hoping that my 2nd masters does.  It's in the health field, so it should!

I know many say,  "my time is now!"  But here I am stating loudly that I need to make my time...No leaving it to others to do it for me.  I have to grab a hold of my life and command it the way I want.  So here's to hoping for an enriching experience....Cheers!