Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Am I a Hoarder?

I live in a huge mess.  Organized mess, but still massive.  I very much want to throw everything out and begin anew but I create sentimental value.  I have precise, clean, and orderly images in my mind of how I want this place to look; yet I fail to execute my task.  I begin by throwing everything on the 25 year old carpet, the full size bed that's been vacant for over a year, and on the dresser that needs some TLC.  "YES!" I exclaim as if accomplishing a major task: an empty closet.  Anger, then tears form and suddenly I'm sobbing as I see the mess I've made.  Flashbacks to my image of my perfect place as I sort through the mess and separate the bad, the possible donations, and definite keeps.  Reality kicks me in my shin and again I sob because the more I try to make sense of my mess, the more repulsive sight I create.  Am I a Hoarder?

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