Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby Shower or Grown Up Party?

*I do not intend on hurting or belittling anyone by this blog post.  Please do not take it personally or as an offense. I apologize ahead of time if you feel insulted*

For as long as I can remember, Baby Showers occurred either on Saturday or Sunday early afternoon, usually after Mass.  I remember this tradition being practiced until about 2 years ago.  Suddenly, either I or someone I know will receive an invitation for this joyful event but the time on the invitation reads "7:00 PM" or "9:00 PM".  I'm sorry! You'll have to excuse me, but HUH?  When did it become "OK" for a Baby Shower to take place after Happy Hour?

Is this the new fad? Is this the new norm? Am I old fashioned? I ask because if I were to ever become pregnant and if someone threw me a baby shower, I would want it to be early enough so that I can get home at a reasonable time and rest due to my swollen ankles and excruciatingly painful back/hips.  I would like to be home by 7PM LATEST! But at that hour, most baby showers are just beginning!!! Pregnant women, I ask you: don't you appreciate being in bed early to rest because the hundred-pound baby inside is making you ache all over?  Or am I just postal for thinking this way?

Become pensive for a moment! A child's birthday party usually partakes in the early afternoon, correct? Well, isn't a Baby Shower technically your child's first Party? The items received are for the baby!  Even the breast pump, because it is what will allow the mother to dispense and distribute nourishment for her child. I'm right, right? I know I'm right!

But, regardless of my concerns/questions, this new practice seems like it will stick.  When it's my turn, though, I WILL have an EARLY Baby Shower and NOT a Grown Up Party!! You've been warned!


  1. Both of my baby showers started at 3 n ended by 8. N yes ur right by 8 o clock, I was ready to go to sleep. My last one was weird tho because my son's father insisted on liquor being there n I'm like that's not fair, it's my party n I can't driNk. Baby shower tho is mom's party to kinda enter her into motherhood. Baby 1st party is 1st bday or christening, whichever one come first

  2. Ok, so I'm not wrong in saying that late baby shower's aren't fair to the mother-to-be. Ok, let's make a compromise: the baby shower is both for the mom and the baby. Mom is welcomed into motherhood all while the soon-to-be-born baby is showered with gifts. Deal?